Policies and Procedures
Request for Football Autographed Items
by Coach Ferentz


One autograph item per request, good for 6 months after approval. A $50 payment benefitting the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital is required for each autograph request, to be submitted by online payment or personal/cashier’s check. All autographs are dependent on Coach Ferentz’s availability. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for your request to be approved or denied.


The University of Iowa Athletic Department requires that all items signed by Coach Ferentz be personalized with either a first or family name. Iowa Football does not supply the item to be autographed, unless you select a photo of Coach Ferentz. Items sent to the Iowa Football office without prior approval will not be accepted. Iowa Football will not provide materials for return shipping, if applicable.


Telephone calls will NOT be accepted.


Please Note: This autograph website is to request an autograph from Head Coach Kirk Ferentz. The University of Iowa does not allow current football players to provide autographs, except at University of Iowa sanctioned events.




We will NOT accept any autograph items/certificates from November 1st – February 1st. This shutdown is to facilitate the completion of the season and recruiting. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL IN OR DROP OFF ANY ITEMS DURING THAT TIME. No items will be signed during this period.


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